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Spend More Time Delivering Care and Less on Paperwork

All-in-One Solution for Home Care Professionals to Create, Send, Track & Store Important Documents.

How It Works

Paperless Document Management for Home Care

VelocitySign allows you to truly go paperless by letting you quickly and easily move away from paper forms and metal filing cabinets.

  • All-in-One Solution - Create, send, track, and store all of your important documents from the convenience of your desktop or mobile device.
  • Digital Forms without the Hassle - You want forms that can be filled out digitally via a computer or mobile phone without all the hassle and complication. Just send us your forms and we'll take care of the rest. It's really that easy!
  • Save Some Stamps (and trees) - No more printing and sending piles of forms to clients and caregivers through the mail. Easily send batches of forms with the click of a button.
  • All Forms Submitted. All Fields Completed. Check! - Instead of spending your valuable time manually ensuring clients and caregivers have returned all the necessary forms and provided all the required information, let Scan123's electronic validation and form monitoring do that job for you. You've got better things to do with your time.
  • Safe, Secure & Easily Accessible Documents - Say goodbye to the piles of paper and searching through filing cabinets to find client and caregiver documents. Simply search for your docs just as you would search for something on Google. Those forms and docs are only a quick and simple search away. Best of all, they are in a secure and HIPAA-compliant database in the cloud accessible 24/7 365 days of the year from wherever you are (in office or out).

Digitize & Archive Existing Paper Documents

Avoid Paper & Begin Using Fillable Digital Forms

Capture & Record Client & Caregiver Form Inputs Automatically

Organize & Find All Your Documents Without Hassle

Archive Your Documents in Secure & Compliant Database

Access Your Documents From Anywhere, Anytime

All-In-One Solution

Do It All in One Place

Keep it Simple

Stop Playing the Mix-And-Match Game

All-in-One Solution

Onboarding, Collection Signatures & Document Storage

Tell Us Your Story

Schedule Time to Talk

Schedule a quick meeting to learn how the VelocitySign home care document management platform can help your home care business. We're eager to listen to your story. Tell us about your challenges and we'll learn together if our solution can help you overcome them.

Why VelocitySign

Why Choose VelocitySign for Your Home Care Business?

Quite Simply...Because We Listen

We didn't just start developing our home care document management platform based on what we thought home care professionals needed or wanted. We traveled across the United States and actually met with folks like yourself face-to-face. We wanted to observe how you actually worked and where the pain points were. We listened carefully and allowed you to dictate our product roadmap.

The features we added to our home care product were based on feedback from real home care professionals experiencing the same challenges you are up against every day. If you're looking to go paperless, want a better and more efficient way to onboard new clients and caregivers, or understand the importance of being compliant and keeping your documents safe and secure, you'll want to learn more about the VelocitySign document management platform for home care.

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Built To Address the Everyday Challenges of Home Care Pros

Paperless, Fillable Forms with eSignature

Delight both staff and clients by converting existing forms into easy-to-complete digital forms. We build them for you. You receive the benefits of automated and remote onboarding of office staff, caregivers, and new clients.

Maintain Regulatory Compliance Effortlessly

Rest assured your business is compliant with state and federal regulations by storing your vital records in a HIPAA-compliant, ransomware-proof, secure and easy-to-use solution.

Keep Families Connected

Send forms and documents to remote parties allowing them to digitally sign and submit directly into your filing system in a truly paperless fashion.

Access Documents From Anywhere, Anytime

Remotely access any of your documents on any device, whether in the office, at home, or on the road at any time - even on weekends and holidays.


What Home Care Pros Are Saying

All of our client data, logs, agreements, and HR documents go right into VelocitySign. Paper is shredded immediately and all the files are secure. Best of all is that I can find any document for all our caregivers and clients in seconds.

Ashley Marshall

Process & Technology Manager

Home Instead Senior Care

We have no paper now. All the client data, logs, agreements, and HR documents go right into Scan123. Paper is shredded immediately and all the files are secure. Best of all is that I can find any document for all our active and deactivated caregivers and clients in seconds.

Tracey Gibson


Gibson Care Inc. | Home Instead Senior Care

We were inundated with paper in our office. Scan123 helped us clear out our file cabinets and now it’s so much easier to access everything online.

Bill Mishkin


Home Instead Senior Care

It's a lot easier than DocuSign. The way that it [VelocitySign] populates the information is invaluable to me. With DocuSign, I feel like I know the client's address by heart because I've had to enter it so many times.

Tracey Steuckrath

Client Services Manager

Visiting Angels Midtown Sacramento


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Frequently Asked Questions

Quite simply, our software can provide you a more efficient way to capture, digitize, organize, and secure your business documents. It can also help you create and streamline workflow processes related to your forms and files. VelocitySign lets you keep the same filing cabinet, drawers, files, and tab concepts you're already familier with but in a digital format where you gain security and save time.

Most VelocitySign customers move to our platform when they recognize the true costs of dealing with paper forms and files. Many fail to calculate the costs and negative impact correctly and delay until the problem is unbearable. The time to move is before your business is seriously impacted and when the associated costs of dealing with paper exceed the price of our software.

For some the time is when they literally run out of physical space to store more files. For others, it is when they see the time, cost, and frustration related to printing, processing, and storing paper documents. Scan123 offers afforable solutions that can fit any home care professional's needs and are guaranteed to generate a positive return on investment. Let's talk before you run out of space or the mounting cost and frustration of dealing with paper seriously impacts your business.

The VelocitySign platform was not designed to replace your care management, payroll, or hr systems, but rather add functionality not present in those systems. VelocitySign allows you to store all of your sensitive documents securely in the cloud. It also allows to move to a truely paperless workflow where forms start and end in a digital and easy-to-use and retreive format.

The true cost of paper isn't the cost of the paper itself, but the cost associated with handling the paper, including printing, capturing, distribution, storage and retrieval. Also, if you are in a regulated industry, there are also serious costs associated with being out of compliance or failing to produce required documentation. Digital document management can help ensure you are secure, compliant, and can produce the proper documents when requested.

According to the Association for Intelligent Information Management (AIIM), the average cost to process a simple paper form is $4.56. Let’s do some simple math. If you have 5 people who handle 5 forms each day during a 5 day week, that’s 125 forms at a cost of $570 per week or $29,640 per year. Complex forms cost even more. According to a recent study, companies in the U.S spend annually more than $120 billion on paper forms, and most forms are outdated within 3 months. Moving to electronic forms dramatically reduces these costs.

VelocitySign guarantees your files will be safe and secure by providing bank-grade security. We store documents in an ultra-secure, digital database that is SOC 2 compliant and HIPAA certified protecting your files from fire, flood, theft, and ransomware.

Unlike some of our competitors, we understand that while they may reside on our system, these are still "your" files and we have only been entrusted with protecting and helping you manage them more efficiently. Should you decide to stop using our services, Scan123 will provide you with a full backup of all your files at no additional cost. We refer to this as our "No Data Hostage Guarantee".


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